Ch.Pl.  M≥. Ch. Pl.  Emorlen Imperial of Tragband


CH Dialynne Take A Chance

Int World Ch Sentinel of Dialynne

Ch Soloman of Dialynne

Ch Dialynne Gamble

Am Ch Appelines validay Happy Feller

Ch Dialynne Nettle

Kittoch Garland

Ch Beacott Buckthorn

Kittoch Glittered

Adendale Kenine Inka

Ch Dialynne Beau

Ch Dialynne Pedlar

Dialynne Snowflake of Copewell

Dufosee Xecbec

Ch Dufosee Radleigh of tragband

Dufosee Katrina

Shelaft Thatís My Girl of Dialynne

Monacon Ch Dialynne Sinatra

Ch Dialynne Tolliver of Tragband

Ch Soloman of Dialynne

Tragband Sweet Bird of youth

Ch Dialynne Sonata

Ch Buttermere Clansman of Dialynne

Ch Symphony of Dialynne

Shelaft Gin Brummie

Daragoj Patriot of Dialynne

Briarhill Our Own Brucie

Daragoj Hurly Burly

Shelaft Sweet Anona/p>

Ch Buttermere Clansman of Dialynne

Shelaft Miss Modesty

Emorlen Clover

UK CH Dialynne Tolliver of Tragband

UK CH Soloman Of Dialynne

UK CH Dialynne Gamble

Am CH Appeline Validay Happy Feller

UK CH Dialynne Nettle

Kittoch Garland

UK CH Beacott Buckthorn

Kittoch Glittered

Tragband Sweet Bird Of Youth

UK CH Dialynne Nimrod Of Ramlacim

UK CH Dialynne Blueboy

Dialynne Kelly Of Cranwood

UK CH Too Darn Hot For Tragband

Am UK CH Graadtres Hot Pursuit Of Rossut

Dicarl Gays The Word Of Araki

Dufosee Rozanne At Emorlen

Mal CH Dufosee Knight Rider

UK CH Fertrac Brandy

UK CH Soloman Of Dialynne

UK CH Fertrac Anika

Dufosee Viola

UK CH Dufosee Yen

Dufosee Blue Iris

Dufosee Paper Lace

UK CH Dufosee Vindicator

UK CH Dufosee Zenith

Tragband In Favour At Dufosee

UK CH Dufosee Quaver

UK CH Dufosee Influence

Dufosee Topaz