Beautiful Lady z Otylki

Date of birth: 11.03.1999
Barbara Kowalska

Bunia – so called at home – is our eldest dog, and at the same time our first beagle. At that time there were no Polish articles about this breed, it was difficult to find any information in the Internet, and that’s why, having only minimal knowledge about beagles, we made all the possible mistakes. We knew good virtues of the breed, yet we were not aware of the drawbacks. We knew it is very friendly breed not aggressive, but we didn’t realize how stubborn they can be if not brought up properly. Our Bunia is not an angel. She is very stubborn, clever, she is waiting for the opportunity to run away. She destroyed so many things that is hard to list them all ( from shoes to sofa…). Yet she is friendly, trusting, loves children and always is a very tender mother to her pups. She used to like to play, but now she prefers lying on the sofa. She loves to eat.