• International Dog Show In Poznan 8-9.11.2008

  • Maskotka Rivendall - 3rd place excellent in champion class (judge Ms Ewa Bukład)

  • Werbena z Hogwartu - very promising, 1st place in the puppy class, Best Puppy in Breed (judge Ms Ewa Bukład) and 2nd Best Puppy in final competition (judge Ms Ramunë Kazlauskaitë)

  • the photo comes from: http://www.podajlape.pl

    • National Show for sheepdogs, Wrocław, 07.06.2008

    • Maskotka Rivendall - 1st place excellent in champion class, CWC (judge Ms Anna Kochan)

    • International Dog Show In Leszno 31.08.2008

    • Maskotka Rivendall - 1st place excellent in champion class, CWC (judge Mr Lars Adeheimer)

    • 03.05.2008

      Our little PON is just turned one month. She has already got a name - Werbena. You are welcome to check her newest photos here

    • On April 17, 2008 Emorlen Imperial of Tragband became father again. Dam of the puppies is Crazy True Angel Beguelle (kennel Angel Beagles). There are 3 females and 1 male. More about puppies www.angel-beagles.eu

    • More photos

    • 17.04.2008

      Today Maskotka's doughter has turned two weeks. New photos:

    • More photos!!!

    • 07.04.2008

    • New photos of our four days old only child.

      More photos!!!

    • PON Puppies!!!

      03.04.2008 - In the end we have got first PON litter. Today Maskotka brang forth - her beautiful doughter.

    • First photo of our PON

      More photos on Maskotka's site in "Puppies" - ENTRY

    • 24.03.2008 - In MIDOJA kennel, were born 9 puppies, who's father is our Emorlen Imperial of Tragband. Puppies' mom is Bona Czarna Cętka. There are 4 males and 5 females.

    • Puppies' gallery

    • Champion of Champions, Leszno 24.02.2008

    • Maskotka Rivendall - 2nd place excellent (judge: Ms Aleksandra Lubaszka )

    • National Dog Show In Głogów 27.01.2008

    • Maskotka Rivendall - 1st place excellent in champion class, CWC, Best Bitch (judge: Ms Anna Redlicka)