• International Expo Leiden, Holland, 18.03.2012

    judged by Mrs. Van Brempt

  • Atos z Hogwartu got EX 1 in Juniorclass, Junior-CAC, BOS with CAC

  • International Expo Genk- Belgia, 12.02.2012

    judged by Mrs. I. Hectors

  • Atos z Hogwartu got EX 1 in Juniorclass, became BOB-Junior and BOS and the title Ambiorix Juniorwinner

ATOS z Hogwartu

ATOS z Hogwartu

  • National Dog Show in Bydgoszcz 11.02.2012

    judge: Mr Andrzej Stępiński

  • ZAGŁOBA z Hogwartu - excellent in Junior class, Junior Winner

Zagłoba finished Junior Polish Championship!!!!

  • International Expo Eindhoven Holandia

    judge Mrs. Asselmacher

  • ATOS z Hogwartu - entered in Juniorclass, got EX 1 with just 12 mounths! Besides that he also got Junior-CAC and res. CAC, witch is transfered into full CAC!